In the 1980’s, Egypt’s poultry industry developed feed mills, broiler farms, and slaughterhouses, which paved the way for further development in all stages involved from rearing the day old grandparent chick, producing parents, hatching eggs, day old broiler chick, to the whole chicken, and chicken parts, as well as complementary industries and products.

who are we

Founded in 1981 in Egypt, Cairo 3A represents a vertically integrated group of companies, Cairo 3A is a the market leader in Egypt in agriculture commodity trading and manufacturing. The nature of group’s business provides the necessary logistical support for its clients including stevedoring, warehousing and transportation.

why cairo 3A

In a rapidly growing world, where market needs must be foreseen and fulfilled, combined with trust, innovation, and the most advanced manufacturing technology to effectively serve all its customers, Cairo 3A, which initially set out to transform crops into highly demanded products, evolved into the creation of a value chain to further serve the local and regional markets. Business expansion included oil production, as well as poultry animal and animal feed production.

Our Vision


We believe quality is an attitude that results from the passion of what we do. We take pride in providing the highest quality products and client service.


We develop leaders. By fostering trust and collaboration, we develop leaders focused on sustainable, superior and innovative performance.

Team Work

We at Cairo 3A have a strong sense of team work and dedication, a bond that has proven to be successful throughout the history of the Group.


We believe that the only thing that is constant in this world is change. And with a clear vision, it will definitely result in growth and development.